Sunday, 19 July 2015

Free items from my shopping trip on 18 july 2015

All this items are free with Price match, Coupons,CO51,Snapsaves and overage.

Kleenex .69-$1coupon from Walmart magazine =overage (price match with Pharmachoice)

Nelson milk& milk to go $1*3 - $2WUB3 tearpad coupon =.33cent each

Renee salad Dressing .99-$1.50 Websaver coupon =overage (price match food4less)

Secret deo $1.99*2-$1*2 insert coupon -$2.50 from CO51 = overage(price march SDM)

Aero $2.88-$1.50 from CO51- $1.50 from Snapsaves = free

Revlon tools 1.98*5, nail cutter $3.98 =13.88 - $5*3 coupon(5WUB2 revlon)=oveage

All taxes was taken care by overage ,CO51 and snapsaves

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