Thursday, 31 March 2016

Lise Watier Hydraforce By glamsense (Topbox)

Lise Watier Hydraforce By glamsense
Glam sense came up with one more product testing opportunity and this was  for Lise Waiter Hydraforce and I was the lucky one to be selected.
Along with the  Hydra Protective Comforting cream, package also came up with hydration tool and instruction, how to use the Hydra Detect App. It was very easy to do, just download the app on phone, plug in the tool to phone and was all set for the hydra test. I first  tested this on my hand,  then I used it on  T-zone and then on my cheeks. with out applying any thing on my face and hand.
 Then I applied the Hydra Protective Comforting cream  and  tested, was stunned to see the result the images below  shows the result before applying and after applying the cream.



The packaging is awesome,this product has thick consistency its not in liquid form which is very nice. I  have been using this for almost 8 days And really liked it. The only drawback I felt was the scent in it,I usually prefer mild smell or without. This is very good for people who don't have any problem with scent in their cosmetic stuff .Overall this is very good moisturizer which is sold at $45 Cad in most of store here in Canada.

Thank you Glam Sence (Top box) for giving me opportunity to test and review Lise Waiter Hydra force, this is totally my opinion about this product. #GETINTHEBUBBLE

If any one want to know more about Lise waiter Hydra-force then be a part of HYDRA FORCE SQUAD that is happening in Toronto #GETINTHEBUBBLE
On April 2nd from 12pm to 5pm
At The Bay NewMarket
17600 yonge st. Newmarket.Ont. L3Y 4Z1
(905) 853-0986 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Womens canvas shoulder bag by Eshow

        Women's canvas shoulder bag by Eshow-

Recently i purchased Eshow canvas bag. Its in black color looking elegant, trendy, stylish and fashionable.

 This Eshow bags is made of heavy duty canvas. It also has long shoulder strap which is Removable and adjustable and it is made of Polyester Cotton Webbing. Inside bag is made of  Polyester cotton and has two section one bigger section which can be used to carry luck box, makeup kit, books, travel accessories. Two open pockets and two zipper pocket which can securely hold wallet. One key holder that's  for me i always forget were i keep my keys in my bag. About outer look of the bag, it had one zipper back pocket which is perfect for cell phone and two additional side pockets which is good to carry water bottle.

light in weight chic in size gives and edge to make this canvas bag go perfect with all attires, this trendy bag will be perfect with all kind of outfit,Light-weighted and will be good for books/outing /camping and traveling.For me it will be regular one for my work.
 Including Black there are 4 more  color selection available Blue, Light blue, Pink and yellow.

I know we all love to have a perfect bag where we can put all our required things and I feel this is perfect one for regular use, here is the link if any one want to purchase

Disclaimer: This was send to me at highly discount or free by the seller to try and test and for true and genuine opinion about this bag .This is Totally  my opinion about this product.