Friday, 18 December 2015

Teeez Glam Sense Box

Read My lips lipstick from Teeez cosmetics


I recently registered with Glam sense which is powered by Topbox. they came up with a beauty product for test and review and i selected for their first campaign which was for teeez glam sense box. I had never heard about this brand before, but  was super excited about it, because I knew it will be something in cosmetics.

The box arrived in a  few days. There was a super cute  lipstick in the teeez box, but the cylinder shape box was very big for a small lipstick.
The name is “Read My lips lipstick” which  is a Moisturizing lipstick and it says its long lasting for 8 hours, it’s a satin matte finish and is highly pigmented coverage. This lipstick has a creamy texture and  has coconut oil which nourishes and hydrates the lips as per  the teeez website. Roulette red color, is a  very nice color and I love  it.
 It’s a slick tube. the tube is very cute,  white in color with nice design on it, the picture below doesn’t  do proper justice to the color, its  actually  a  nice red color. I will prefer to apply lip primer first before applying this lipstick as my lips get dry soon.I tried this lipstick and it looks awesome its a long lasting one, but for me it was not actually 8 hours - it  lasted for more than 6 hours for me. I found that this is sold at USD 22  on the teeez website which is almost 29 CAD as on Today..

Thanks you glam sense Topbox and Teeez  cosmetics for selecting me to test and review this product , this is totally my opinion about this product. #TeezinGS

Interested in testing product signup with GLAMSENSE HERE

Saturday, 22 August 2015

OZ Naturals - The BEST Body Butter

REVIEW - OZ Naturals - The BEST Body Butter
- This Natural and Organic Body Moisturizer Contains Sweet Almond & Macadamia Nuts - A rice & Luxurious Skin Moisturized will Provide Your Body With that healthy Vibrant Glow!

 I was always in search of Perfect Body butter which make my skin soft, smooth, hydrate and glisten. I attempted various body butter which is easily available in market or recommended by familiar ones, but always felt some thing a miss.

Recently I got a chance to try Oz Natural The best body butter, I was hesitated to try this one, as I never heard about this brand before. But as I like to try new product, gave it a try, I amazed to find, it fraught with my necessities. 
As I am very speculative, I diversified my research  on content and I astonished to found riotous natural ingredients in the list. I further researched the details to know more about this product,As we all know almonds  are rich in vitamins and minerals (calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamins E and D) and that are found  in this body butter ( mention the specification). Macadamia Nut Oils comes from the pressed nuts of the macadamia tree, this claimed to be a regenerative oils available to gleam the skin and its lushness, sums up with almond oil makes this product more reliable ...

I am using this body butter for past few days and I am in love with this. The consistency of this body butter is not viscous, it had appropriate consistency and its easily to be applied on the body. I didn't had to rub over and over, it easily penetrates in skin, making it smooth and soft. I have tried this on my hand legs, elbows and  knee, yet to prelude on my face.The additional feature to add grace to this lotion is, its fragrance free...Amusing part was till the time I applied it on my hands,I was not aware of the fragrance free bait..As I don’t like creams and lotion with fragrance, I loved it entirely. It certainly believe it firmly suits best for day today busy bee life..

Product Description( Amazon)

Nourish and Renew Your Body's Skin with Our Luxurious Body Butter With Sweet Almond and Macadamia Nut Oils.
This Body Butter Quickly Penetrates Your Skin - Leaving It Silky And Smooth.Our Body Butter Contains The Richest Nutrients
To Hydrate Even Very Dry Skin & Increase Epidermal Elasticity. Our Sweet Almond and Macadamia Nut Body Butter Will Provide Your Skin With The Following Benefits:
This rich Body Butter has everything your skin needs and leaves your skin with a radiant glow and smooth, non-greasy hydration
It provides anti-oxidants which enter the deepest layers of the skin and create a protective shield, which locks in moisture.
Renews your skin cells and provides protection against free radicals & makes them more elastic for a younger, healthier, glowing skin.

This Product is available at

 I received this Product free Exchange of my honest opinion about this Product via Tomoson

BzzAgent Secret gel deodorant( cocoa butter kiss)

Secret gel  deodorant (cocoa butter kiss)

This is my second campaign for Secret deodorant, my first campaign was for secret Clear gel deodorant (lavender). I was very happy for getting  this campaign for Scent Express cocoa butter kiss in gel formula, but looking at the trial size product was bit disappointed, but  got two of them.

I have used a few different types of deodorant, but after trying gel formula I am very impressed with it. I liked the cocoa butter kiss scent, its very flavourful and pleasant. It has fast acting and drying formula, gel formula dries up instantly and I felt that gel formula better the Spray or solid formula as  I have control over applying product.

 The best part of this deodorant is that it keeps my clothes away from the white stains not like other deodorant. I am using this for last few days and it works perfectly really gives  sweat free and odour free protection for long time it last for a day, dint try it for 48 hours for sure!!!!

I got this product free from BzzAgent in exchange for an honest opinion & review about the product

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Freebies 24 july 2015

Nature valley nuts and seeds free with FPCs
Twix Free with FPC

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Salt and Pepper shaker

Free Salt and Pepper shaker.
Sign up here Freepuggift

Allow 4 to 6 week to receive it.

*Please note: Item may not look exactly as shown. Item will be branded by one of our sponsors.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Freebies from shopping trip 22nd july2015

All this items are free with FPCs Plus got 1200 PC points for buying IOGO

Free Revlon Nail files
Revlon Nail Files $1.98*10=19.98- $5*5 coupon = 5.02 overage ( 5wub2 revlon coupon)
Nail Clipper 3.96*2- $5 = 2.92
After tax and overage Paid 1.10
Happy Shopping!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Free items from my shopping trip on 18 july 2015

All this items are free with Price match, Coupons,CO51,Snapsaves and overage.

Kleenex .69-$1coupon from Walmart magazine =overage (price match with Pharmachoice)

Nelson milk& milk to go $1*3 - $2WUB3 tearpad coupon =.33cent each

Renee salad Dressing .99-$1.50 Websaver coupon =overage (price match food4less)

Secret deo $1.99*2-$1*2 insert coupon -$2.50 from CO51 = overage(price march SDM)

Aero $2.88-$1.50 from CO51- $1.50 from Snapsaves = free

Revlon tools 1.98*5, nail cutter $3.98 =13.88 - $5*3 coupon(5WUB2 revlon)=oveage

All taxes was taken care by overage ,CO51 and snapsaves

Freebies - 17 july 2015

Free Minions and Frozen cookies, snacks and gummies!!!!!!!!!!!

All this are free with FPCS

freebies 10 july 2015( shopping trip)

got all this Freebies from my shopping trip
Jergens free with FPC
Choclates $1 each Free with CO51( two account)
Advil $5.47-$3 coupon-$3 from CO51 overage

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

New Product Review Club Offer: POLYSPORIN® Blister Treatment

Product Review Club Offer: POLYSPORIN® Blister Treatment
Apply now to be one of 50 Canadian Product Review Club members who will receive the POLYSPORIN® Blister Treatment.

New Product Review Club Offer: Mott's Fruitsations* Fruit Rockets*

New Product Review Club Offer: Mott's Fruitsations* Fruit Rockets*

Chick Advisor have new product testing opportunity
200 Canadian families will get the opportunity to try BOTH Mott's Fruitsations* * Fruit Rockets* brand new flavours

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Royale coupon $1 printable

Printable coupon for $1 off ANY Royale products: Link
$1 off ANY Royale Facial Tissues link

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Shopping trip 7th july 2015

Shopping trip at No frill 7th july

Wonder Bread $2*2 =4
Oasis juice $2- $4 coupon ( buy Oasis and two wonder bread)= 2
IOGO  $3.97*4 - 4 FPCs free +2800 PC points
Donuts $1 got 200 PC points
Chicken price match foodbasis $3.06 -$4 chicken coupon
Paid $4 for all got 3000 PC points (which is $3)

Shopping Trip 3rd July 2015

shopping Trip 3rd july at Walmart

Hawaiian punch $1*4 -$1*4 coupon (price match giant tiger) free
International delight $3.47-$2 coupon - $2 CO51= .53 overage
Dairy milk $1*6 -$3*2  from CO51 (2 accounts) free
Revlon tools $1.97*2 - 5WUB2 revlon coupon $1.06 overage
Paid tax

Monday, 6 July 2015

$5 Almay coupon

High value Almay coupon  link

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Freebies in mail today 26 june 2015

I Received one more Schick hydro silk trimstyle razor free from a giveway, this came as a surprise without any email. last week I received one and this is second.
Poise sample
Incognito samples

Very Healthy Spiral Slicer from Varietyland -Review

Very Healthy Spiral Slicer by Varietyland -Review

Eating healthy food is good for our health and what else can be healthier than vegetables? but in today’s fast life we want everything to be easy and convenient, nobody wants to be in the old tradition style of cutting veggies.
The Very Healthy Spiral Slicer  by Varietyland  came in a small box. I didn't had  to assemble it, it was all ready to use it straight out of the box to create beautiful long strings of vegetable noodles.
The very Healthy Spiral Slicer  made my work so easy and comfortable and with less time, no more effort to cut my veggies. I love to make salad and  its an ingredient in my everyday menu, sometimes I choose to skip it, just that don’t want to cut veggies, but now its not so, The very Healthy Spiral Slicer  has made it so simple for me I can add beautiful colors to my salads everyday.It is the best to cut veggies for salad and for pasta and can be done in few minutes. this Is my "time Saver"I use this to slice cucumber,carrots and many other veggies. My son who is fussy about eating vegetable happily enjoys cucumber and carrot noodles.

The size is so small that it makes it fit in any place of kitchen cabinet or drawers. Spiral ultra-sharp stainless steel blades are sharp and cut vegetable the way I want, they are high quality and durable. It also comes with a small brush which makes it very easy to clean the slicer without touching the blades.

 Disclaimer:I received this product from varietyland at a discounted rate in exchange of my opinion and review, this is totally my opinion about this product.

For more Details go to 

the Very Healthy Spiral Slicer it available at Amazon.Ca 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Genral mill FPCS for Lucky charms

Free  Lucky Charms Bars, Chocolate Lucky Charms Cereal or Nature Valley Lunch Box FPCs



Friday, 26 June 2015

P&G Beauty samples

Got P&G beauty samples in mail today 
Pantene shampoo and conditioner
Olay body wash
Olay regenerist
Full size Covergirl Bombshell Mascara

Mail in Rebate for Speedy stick Gear

 Latest Red plum insert has Mail In Rebate form for speedy stick Gear upto maximum of  $7.99( plus applicable taxes). Purchase must me made between February 7, 2015 to august 30, 2015.All submission must be received by them before September 30, 2015

Buy the  product specified in the rebate form at any store fill up the form and attached the receipt to the form and mail it to the address in the Rebate form.limit of one person per rebate per household.They will cover value upto 7.99 (plus applicable taxes). I have seen this product at Walmart for 4.96.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Shoping trip 23 june 2015

Shopping Haul

Cashmere $3.97*2  -($1*2 coupon) -(2.25*2 snap saves)=$1.44 for both
Eggs PM $2.29*2 -$1 coupon =$3.58
Bread PM $1.50 *2
Oasis PM $2 - $4 coupon (4WUB3 bread and Oasis) =1
Revlon nail polish $2.97*8 -(5WUB 2 *4) =3.76
Aveeno $3.67-3 coupon =.67
Playtex $3.97-3.97 FPC
Total Cost me =$10.45 Plus tax
Actual cost without coupons and PM(Price match)would have been=$61.22+tax

Monday, 22 June 2015

Saturday, 20 June 2015

shopping Haul 19 june 2015

Shopping trip at walmart cost me $7.70 Plus tax with coupons price match and sales Regular price would have been $72 plus tax

Cashmere  (PM $3.97*3) - ($1*3 coupons) - (snap saves 2.25*3 -.50 to Redeem 3 offers) = $1.66( regular Price $9.97 each)

Chapman Ice cream Regular 2.97 Pm $1.97*2 -$4 Company Mail-out Coupon = free 

Aveeno 3.67*2 -$3*2 Company Mail out coupon = $1.34

Revlon nail polish on sale for $2.97 *10 - 5WUB2*5 Revlon coupon = $4.70
Total $7.70 plus tax

shopping haul 12th june 2015

Walmart Shopping trip cost me $2.18 with coupons and price match regular price would have been $29 Plus.

More Details Click Here

Friday, 12 June 2015

Thursday, 11 June 2015